Some of the projects I have done

Utilized drone imagery and AI algorithms to automate mango tree detection, classification, and geo-tagging. Achieved high accuracy with 0.94 mAP for localization, 97.8% for health, and 70% for variety classification. Developed user-friendly interface using React, Flask, and Docker. Employed technologies like NodeODM, Google Colab, Makesense, and Roboflow for image processing and annotation.

A React Native app that lets you search for movies and view details like descriptions, reviews, and release dates. The app displays upcoming and now playing movies in your region and allows you to browse by genre. It also offers various filtration tools to help you refine your search results. In addition, the app suggests similar movies based on your search.

Paradocs is a MERN stack-based eCommerce website that offers customers a convenient and secure platform for purchasing medical supplies and equipment online. The website is built using modern web technologies, including React, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB, making it scalable and easy to maintain.

A multi-level immersive platformer game developed in Unity Game Engine where the player has to avoid obstacles and collect fruits to gain points and reach the finish line.

This project utilizes the Spotify Web API to extract song features and trains machine learning algorithms on different genres of music. The program classifies songs into their respective genres based on their unique features, providing accurate music recommendations and insights.